Dr Su-yin Hor


Centre for Health Services Management, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney

Su-yin Hor is a transdisciplinary social scientist working with clinicians, patients and managers to make healthcare services safer. With a research background in psychology, education, and sociology, she specialises in visual and learning-based research methods that grapple with the complexity of healthcare at the frontline. She is a specialist in patient safety, across topics including accountability, incident reporting, patient involvement, communication, space, infection prevention and control, and video-reflexive ethnography.

Her current research projects centre on infection prevention and control – to improve clinician-patient communication around MRO screening and identification; to improve training in the use of personal protective equipment in hospitals; and to develop and support clinician-led practice improvement using video-reflexive methods.

In both her teaching and research, Suyin is dedicated to bringing theory and practice together, to equip healthcare practitioners, managers and consumers with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need, to navigate, manage and improve the complex and changing contexts of healthcare.

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