Dr Katherine Carroll

Katherine Carroll is a Research Fellow in the School of Sociology at the Australian National University. She is a medical sociologist who uses a range of qualitative methodologies to examine how healthcare is delivered and experienced by health professionals, patients and their families.

Since 2005, Katherine has been one of the pioneers of the use of video reflexive ethnography (VRE), appreciating the way VRE acts as a fantastic bridge between researchers and clinical practice. Under the guidance of Professor Rick Iedema, Katherine began her journey with VRE in her PhD research in the intensive care unit, where she assisted the ICU clinicians to make their ward rounds more efficient. During her PhD she drew on feminist and complexity theory in order to understand the role of the researcher in relation to research participants throughout the various stages of the VRE methdology.

Katherine has since introduced VRE to a variety of health care institutions in the USA, including the Mayo Clinic (Minnesota), Deaconess (Indiana) and Exempla (Colorado). She has worked collaboratively with a range of health professionals in the following hospital settings: intensive care unit (ICU), neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), emergency departments, acute spinal and rehabilitations wards, pathology laboratories and operating theatres. Her use of VRE has contributed to more efficient communication in the ICU; more equitable access to donated breastmilk for neonates in American NICUs; and a full description and greater recognition of the crucial communication practices of pathologists who provide intraoperative diagnoses for Mayo Clinic surgeons. Katherine has published widely on the VRE methodology in both the health sciences and social sciences, has coauthored the book “Visualising Healthcare Practice Improvement: Innovation from Within” (2013) with Rick Iedema and Jessica Mesman, and guest edited a special issue on the use of video in health care with the “International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches” (2009: vol. 3, Iss.3).

Katherine’s ANU profile


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